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What is a Smart Toothbrush and How does it work?

Smart toothbrush diagram

Defining a Smart Toothbrush is actually relatively simple; It’s an intelligent electric toothbrush that has an internal computer that analyses your tooth-brushing and communicates with a connected application. The tricky bit is actually understanding how it functions and so we decided to show you part by part, from top to bottom exactly how it works.

How does the brush head vibrate?

Smart toothbrush brush head

Our soft bristled brush heads have 15,000 sonic vibrations per minute thanks to the toothbrush motor. The motor which is ultimately controlled by the main button, turns at tremendous speeds and it converts these rotations into vibrations passed through the plastic of the brush heads to give you the perfect clean

How does your brushing data get recorded and converted?

3D motion sensors and tracking toothbrush

The recording of how you brush and for how long is probably the most complicated part of the process! The toothbrush has 3D motions sensors made up of a Gyrometer, Accelerometer and a Magnetometer in a 3 axis of motion per sensor. Simply put, this means the sensors measure every possible orientation and movement of your toothbrush to create your raw brushing data.

This information is transferred in real time to your device while you are brushing and then we use a mathematical instruction (algorithm) inside the app to interpret this raw data and transform it into a 3D map of your mouth just like a dental check up, Geeky right!

How does your brushing data get to your device?

bluetooth toothbrush connection

Your Kolibree transfers data to your device in much the same way as many of your other household appliances by using Bluetooth™. To get technical, the toothbrush and your device have Bluetooth chips that send and receive electromagnetic waves to each other which carry your brushing data.

How does the wireless charger work?


The final piece to explain about our Smart toothbrush is the wireless charging unit. Kolibree makes use of Induction charging which essentially means electricity is passed between two electric coils located in the charger and the toothbrush base. The electricity arrives at the first coil from the power supply and turns creating a magnetic field that the second coil receives and uses to charge the toothbrush, smart right!
If you would like to find out more about our Android and iOS interactive apps then we have written about them too.

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