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Week 3 of Living with the Rabbids!

What did you do on Friday night, we bet you didn’t hang out with Rabbids dressed up like rock stars.  Karaoke was in full swing and Loic even had a go (we promise he did!).

Rabbids rock party

It’s soccer time!

With the European Championship in full swing, it was only natural that the Rabbids wanted a kick about, one of the Rabbids even gave Loic a red card for his choice of orange shirt.

Rabbids playing football

Kitchen Madness!

Three weeks in and Loic hasn’t learnt yet! If you invite the Rabbids to cook with you, you’re going to have a crazy time. We’ll let the picture do the talking here as we can’t even begin to explain what they’re up to 😀

Rabbids fooling around in the kitchen

Rabbids using Loics gadgets

This week the Rabbids put aside teaching us about Rabbid-nomics and rather decided to mess around with Loics phone, laptops and VR goggles, much to the amusement of the rest of the team.

Rabbids playing with tech in the office

Brushing is easy!

After 3 weeks, the Rabbids have mastered using their Kolibrees and are getting top scores! One Rabbids was even kind enough to get the plunger out for some unblocking!

Rabbids mastering Rabbids Smart Brush

Messing up Loic’s living room

Poor Loic, after sitting down to watch the soccer, the Rabbids got up to mischievous best and well, here’s the results…. 

Rabbids in Loic's living room

Watch this space, Loic has another action packed week lined up with the Rabbids. Keep up to date with their antics on Twitter & Facebook.

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