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The Rabbids have invaded Kolibree!

The Rabbids invasion of the Kolibree office

Yes, you’ve read right! Through a tech anomaly the Raving Rabbids have escaped their cartoon universe and have taken over Kolibree! We’re unsure why, but shortly after invading the Kolibree office, the Rabbids took quite a liking to our co-founder Loic. They have started following him around no matter where he is, whether he’s at home, work or even out exercising!

They have spent the last week following him around and Loic has said, “They’re great company”.We were fortunate enough to grab a few shots to see what they’ve been up to…

Exercise time

Loic likes to go for a run every morning and the Rabbids joined him for his stretching session! He said he was able to outrun the Rabbids as they have little legs.

The Rabbids join Loic for some exercise

Joining the party!

He threw a party and as you can see one of the Rabbids even got dressed up for the occasion. They were great fun although they managed to knock over a few things in his apartment.

Rabbids party with Loic

Stealing carrots

Here we see when Loic foolishly decided to prepare carrots for his lunch, with the Rabbids around the carrots didn’t last long!

Rabbids in the kitchen, staring at loic preparing carrots

Chilling out

Relaxing has a different meaning when there’s Rabbids around. They particularly enjoyed bouncing up and down on the sofa!

Rabbids jumping around in the living room

Learning to brush!

Loic didn’t miss the opportunity to show the Rabbids his connected Kolibree toothbrush, as you can see they were very keen to learn about it.

Rabbids learn to brush teeth with Rabbids Smart Brush


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Rabbids Kolibree Smart Brush Game

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