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The New Kolibree is here!

Kid brushing teeth

Toothbrush Intelligence at Play!

Learning good oral hygiene has just became even more playful! A truly enjoyable family experience for both parents and children.

Listening to parents and kids feedback, our team has been working day and night and we’re happy to announce that we have several major breakthroughs that will improve your family’s oral hygiene!

Fun Brushing & Smarter Pricing

As well as all the exciting breakthroughs, we’re happy to introduce our new price of $149. Available at

What’s new?

Our toothbrush allows you to know where you’re brushing and how effectively with live feedback. To do this it uses motion tracking sensors and then communicates this data through bluetooth to our app. With the New Kolibree we have upgraded these features and introduced cool new ones for kids:

→ Improved Bluetooth connectivity

We have just updated the toothbrush bluetooth meaning your family will brush better as the connection with the app is faster and smoother than ever before!

→ Improved motion tracking

And for the games we have upgraded the toothbrush sensors meaning that it interacts with the coach & Go!Pirate games more accurately meaning your kids get plenty of high scores and have loads more fun.

Kolibree smart toothbrush

The New App!

Our new app is more fun, personal and importantly more motivating!

We have taken the core of the current app that launched last year and through customers insights, added some really cool new features. The app is free to upgrade and can now even be used without a Kolibree toothbrush. So here’s the run down of all the new features:

→ Scores, badges & levels

Watch your kids compete to get to the higher levels the fastest with our brand new score & level tracking system which means kids will be more engaged and allows you track your families brushing over a longer time. You earn rewards as you progress through the levels and you can keep track of your total score and level on the home screen.


→ Challenge badges

See who can earn all the challenge badges the quickest! With varying degrees of difficulty to earn, your kids will have to maintain great dental habits to get these rewards. Some take strict dedication to win and some are more fun although we’re not going to spoil the surprise for how you earn them…


→ The Kolibree Index

You can now measure your family’s brushing performance on a short and long term basis more accurately than ever with the brand new Kolibree index. This exclusive feature gives a running percentage based on the frequency, the duration and the quality of the brushing, meaning that no matter what level achieved in the app, you will always have to maintain a good routine to keep up the average.


→ Check up diagrams

Visualize your family’s oral health improvements and protect your gums. We have upgraded our check up graphic which shows the teeth you miss when you brush as well as any areas that you may have over brushed.


→ The pro coach

Brush smarter, more accurately and with a better technique as the coach app guides you and kids through your daily brushing. Combining the toothbrush’s improved connectivity & motion sensor, the coach makes you brush more efficiently than before.


→ Brushing reminders

Never forget to brush again! You now can easily set reminders on your device with our reminder setting. Easy to set up and always there to motivate you to brush.


→ New app interface

The app is now personalized for everyone and gives you feedback on how you’ve been progressing whenever you login as well as providing useful dental tips to improve your brushing. The new menu bar means that you’re only ever one click away from starting the games.


All updates will be available  for a free upgrade on ios operating system from the 15th of October. The Kolibree Index, Interface, scores and levels will also be available immediately on Android with the other updates coming in the following weeks.

Watch this space

As well as the major updates above, we will also be releasing further upgrades in the near future including brand new games!


  • Well this sucks. I just bought the old Kolibree for $199 three weeks ago, and now you come out with a new one, with much improved hardware and software, and for $149, meanwhile I am now stuck with older technology I paid $50 more for. Eugh.

    • Hi AZ and thanks for your message. Just so you know, your new toothbrush will benefit from the major upgrades to the application which is available now for free. Nonetheless we would like to offer you a packet of new brush-heads, would you mind emailing your contact details to regards, Ben

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