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Rabbids invade Kolibree with a brand new game!

Raving Rabbids play with Kolibree toothbrush

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with major game developer Ubisoft to launch a brand new toothbrush educational game available today on Apple iOS. The first 3rd party brushing game sees the Raving Rabbids put aside trying to conquer the world to invade Kolibree and help Edu-tain Kids to brush better. The Rabbids game makes brushing more fun than ever and here’s why kids are going to be rushing to brush

Race the 100 meter dash!

The rabbids game brings a competitive element to brushing meaning Kids will learn to brush better in no time! You compete against the other raving rabbids to see who can finish first, the better you follow the brushing instructions, the faster you go!


The great thing about Rabbids Smart Brush is it’s so fun that kids don’t even realise that they’re learning to brush better! Similar to our “Go! Pirate” game, it employs progressive learning meaning they’ll be brushing to the same level as an adult in no time. The game starts with 8 brushing zones but when enough points are earned, you progress to more zones.

Rabbids Kolibree Game Footage

Dress your Rabbid!

Kids will not lose motivation to brush as we have incentivised the game. As they make their way through the 25 level map, they will unlock hats, helmets so they can dress their Rabbid and even unlock some cool Rabbids photos!  Also, on each level you can earn up to 20 Stars to show off how well you brushed.


Rabbids dress up in toothbrush game

Easy Download & 100% integration

We have made Rabbids Smart Brush available for free download in the Apple App store until the End of June, so go ahead and download it now! The game integrates perfectly with the existing Kolibree app meaning that all brushing progress and points earned will relay straight into your existing data.

Special Offer!

Rabbids show Smart toothbrush offer

To celebrate the release of the brand new game, we are offering an exceptional 50% discount on the limited edition Rabbids Kolibree toothbrush, so your family can learn & play with our latest brushing innovation.

Quite simply visit the Kolibree website and use the code “RABBIDS50OFF” until the 12th of June (inclusive) to benefit from this great offer!

The Rabbids are going to be on a crazy adventure for the next month, check out their shenanigans on our facebook and twitter pages!

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