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Living with the Rabbids for 2 weeks!

Saturday night party with the Rabbids

This time last week, Loic was just getting to know the Raving Rabbids for the first time. This week however, the fun has really stepped up and they even had a party, check out the costumes! Here’s what they’ve been up to…

Exercise time

Having managed to finally catch up with Loic, the Rabbids have been learning about the importance of stretching before exercise. Their sweat bands look awesome! 

exercising with Rabbids' help

Kitchen fun!

Once again Loic and the Rabbids found themselves playing around in the kitchen, he even showed them a trick or two when it comes to juggling, don’t try this at home! The Rabbids even managed to find some chef whites.

cooking and juggling with rabbids


Not only do the Rabbids hang out with Loic, they go to work with him too! Here you’ll see their projections for Q3, although Loic doesn’t look too sure about them…

Learning business with Rabbids

Brushing pros!

And they’re off! Loic and the Rabbids have been competing to see who can get the best score in the 100m dash! We’re slightly worried that one of the Rabbids may be brushing with soap by accident :s

Smart brushing with the Rabbids

Time to chill!

After all the exercise, cooking, work and partying, Loic and the Rabbids decided to have a relaxed Sunday afternoon. They watched some TV and gathered their energy for the week ahead…

Chilling with rabbids on the sofa

Upload your Bwaah

The Rabbids have challenged us all to express ourselves in BWAAAAH, and to create the longest BWAAAH In the world. It is extremely simple and super fun to participate in this worldwide premiere with the Rabbids! All you have to do is film a short video of you or your children shouting BWAAAH! and post it to Facebook, Instagram or twitter with the hashtag #RabbidsShout!


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