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Kolibree’s Last Chance Christmas Smart Toothbrush Gift

Are you looking for a last minute Christmas Gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Then try the Kolibree Bluetooth connected toothbrush which turns tooth brushing into a Game, Educates Kids and Empowers Parents.

Studies suggest a third of children do not brush their teeth every day. With Kolibree, we have resolved this problem by making kids actually want to brush their teeth by gamifying the experience, and by creating family leaderboards so everyone can see each other’s progress.

Kids Christmas gift Kolibree smart toothbrush

What do you get with the Smart toothbrush?

The kolibree toothbrush comes with two brush heads, free games, a free interactive app and a wireless charger. It helps you and your kids compete and turn the whole tooth brushing experience into a fun family experience.

Usually priced at $149, we are offering you $50 when you buy the toothbrush before dec 23rd 2015. Buy it now.

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