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Kolibree’s Android App gets Smarter!

Kolibree smart toothbrush and interactive app

Kolibree’s Android App to help brush better

The toothbrush evolution rolls on!

Following our announcements at CES 2016 of the exciting upcoming developments of the Kolibree toothbrushes and interactive app, we’re very pleased to introduce the first of many upgrades, the new and improved Android App!

The New App

Our new app makes the experience of brushing more convenient, personal, fun and motivating than ever. We’ve taken a lot of the existing great features upgraded them and added some really cool new ones. The app is free to upgrade now and can be found in the Playstore here.

So here’s the run-down of all the new features:

→ App-less brushing

We know that sometimes you wish to brush without the app but you still want to know how you’ve brushed, this is now possible! If you set your toothbrush to single user mode then it will remember how you’ve brushed and sync the data whenever you connect it to the app again

Smart brushing without app use

Family Ranking

Get ready to compete against your entire family as now all users of the app can now compare their activity in the ranking tab to see who brushed better and who has the freshest breath in the family!

bluetooth toothbrush measures the entire family's brushing

→ Toothbrush settings

We give you more control over your Kolibree than ever before! Head into the toothbrush settings where you can make the light on your Kolibree blink to identify it if you have multiple toothbrushes. You can also edit the user settings (handy for brushing without the app) as well as updating your toothbrush to enjoy the best new features.

functions of the smart toothbrush


Using the Kolibree app is like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it you’ll never forget, this is why we have added some brand new tutorials so you’ll be familiar with all the functions in no time. They are also easy to follow and kids friendly

How to use a smart toothbrush

→ New Levels & Badges

Kids will love the new badges and levels! The app has just become more fun to use thanks to our team of mascots that help you progress through the levels. We have added challenge badges that have special goals to earn to keep kids motivated to brush everyday!

app features to teach kids to brush

→ Check up diagrams

We now give you more up to date brushing information as your check up diagram evolves after every time you brush allowing to see how well you’re targeting those areas that need a little more attention.

check up to see daily progress

→ New home screen

You now receive messages on your homescreen to tell you how you’ve been brushing and help encourage you to improve your oral health every day. There is also instant information on your brushing level, points, how you’ve brushed in the current week and a one touch click to make access to your brushing activities more convenient.

New app face to show brushing improvement

Watch this space

As well as the major updates above, we will also be releasing further upgrades in the near future including brand new games, watch this space!
We constantly modify and update our app to deliver the greatest brushing experience to you. Do not miss any update and activate the automatic app update.

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