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How to follow your family’s brushing straight from your inbox?

Family with smart toothbrush tracking

We’re very proud to share a brand new feature with you, that will make keeping on top of your family’s oral health easier than ever: the Weekly Digest! The Weekly Digest is a 7 day snapshot of all of your family’s profiles brushing performances, sent directly to your inbox.

What will be in the Weekly Digest?

To save you time we decided to give you a brief overview of the progress of each member of your family, rather than the full information available in the app (family ranking table, levels and the Kolibree index – which we strongly recommend monitoring). You’ll get the following information in your Weekly Digest:

Weekly brushing

You’ll be able to see exactly when each profile has or hasn’t brushed for the last 7 days!

Weekly brushing tracking

Brushing Zones

Just like in the app, we’ll tell you the zones of your mouth that need a little extra attention, unless you’ve brushed perfectly and then you’ll be congratulated!


Star Ranking

Exclusively for the weekly digest we will give each family member a star ranking out of 5, based on the previous 7 days brushing performance, as well as an indication of the progress from week to week.

Smart toothbrush with Star ratings

How to sign up?

All Kolibree accounts have been signed up to receive this feature automatically and will receive the weekly digest to the email address of the account holder. If you have any questions about the Weekly Digest then please don’t hesitate to send them to

If you wish to unsubscribe from the weekly digest, this can be done in the Kolibree app settings.

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