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Free brush heads for your Smart toothbrush this Halloween!

Kolibree Halloween offerSoft brush heads and Bluetooth toothbrush means you can forget about cavities this Halloween

Button to buy Kolibree smart toothbrushIt’s time to say Boo to Cavities forever. With all that candy your family will be eating in the next week or so we’ve decided to give you 3 new brush heads for your smart toothbrush so you can fight Cavities better than before!
It’s a fact that your teeth and gums can be cleaned more efficiently if you use a brand new brush head with soft bristles, so to celebrate Halloween we’re going to give away a packet of 3 brush heads with every single smart toothbrush bought between now and the 31st.

new kolibree brushhead

Button to buy Kolibree smart toothbrush

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