Dentist Chat’s 4 Star Kolibree Review!

Kid enjoying using the smart toothbrush

Kolibree’s best weekly review have just given Kolibree an awesome 4 star review that we want to share with you!

Here’s our favourite extracts:

“Getting children to brush their teeth has been one of the great conundrums, with parents striving to solve this problem through whatever cultural options the time allowed….So it makes sense to bring the “appy” world into the bathroom and onto the lowly toothbrush. This idea now gets a big upgrade with the Kolibree Connected Toothbrush.”

“The Kolibree knows that it’s going to be held by tiny hands and so is designed with this in mind – it’s lightweight and well balanced, for one thing, and so easy for the child to hold (yet workable for an adult also). Additionally, the brush itself is rounded so as to make for a better contact between it and the teeth, while the sonic vibration process has a gentle hum to it to avoid frightening the child or causing pain to sensitive gums.”

“So the Kolibree doesn’t stop there alone — it has Bluetooth functionality for pairing up with a smartphone and specifically a smartphone app provided for free (in both iOS and Android flavors). The Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush turns on with a single button”

“ as far as the child is concerned, it’s the game that they can watch on the phone as they brush that’s important. The game encourages the child to brush longer and shows them where they missed but does so in a gaming mode that makes them want to succeed at doing it by making it fun. Meanwhile the adult can look towards the game as the means to get the child to look forward to brushing”

“Through the use of the app the brushing encourages the parent to become a part of the process with the child, by helping him/her to use the Kolibree correctly but more important from the child’s point of view, so as to be able to view the game while they brush (the parent being more inclined to be viewing the stats from the app).”

“The Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush is a technological superior toothbrush that, at the basic level, performs its task competently. But it obvioulsy can do a lot more than that, thanks to inertial motion sensors. Certainly it’s the app-based integration that it offers that makes it a unique and positive tool for enhancing the child’s brushing experience by not just providing data for the parent but a sense of fun for the child that can translate into a lifetime of better dental care. Is that worth the $149.00 price tag? No parent who wants the best for their child’s dental health would disagree.”

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