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7 things to add to your Summer Bucket list!

It’s easy to have fun in Summer!

That’s right, summer is here and it’s awesome, but have you ever got to the end of it and thought you would have liked to have used your time a little better? Well we spoke with the Kolibree team and they came up with 7 ideas to help make your summer as enjoyable and memorable as possible…

Read a good book

reading a kindle book

Whether in your garden or on the beach, there’s not a better way to relax and bathe in the sun than reading one of your favorite novels. Whether you’re reading a paperback or a kindle, make sure you have some shade as you don’t want to get sunstroke! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next read than check out the Amazon best sellers chart.

Make a traditional photo album

taking pictures in summer

We love all things digital, but there’s nothing that quite compares to flicking through an album full of Polaroids. So whether you have a Polaroid camera or one like  the picture below, get snapping and make the perfect summer album!

Home made Ice Lollies

Home made ice lollies

There’s nothing better than a cold ice lolly when it’s scorching hot out. Sure you can get some from the local grocery store, but if you fancy making some awesomely tasty and healthy ice lollies then check out this list of 21 recipes, we promise they’ll taste better!

Go fishing!

learning to fish in summerWhether you’re a seasoned fisher or learning for the first time, there’s not many better ways to spend a summer’s day then by casting a rod into the water. Fishing can be a great family day out and you could even take a picnic along! If you’re new to fishing or even just want to explore other spots near you then check out takemefishing.

Spend a weekend camping

camping in the summer

Get out and spend some time in the nature. Think roasting marhmallows, trekking up mountains, seeing wildlife plus much more, are you convinced yet? have identified 26 great camping destinations so you’ve got no excuse not to give it a go.

Have a paddle at the seaside!family trip to the seaside

Sun, Sea and Sand! This was definitely the Kolibree team’s favorite idea for the summer, quite simply because there’s so much to do. Whether you’re sun bathing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, making a sandcastle (plus much more), you’re never going to get bored at the beach!

Get grilling on the BBQ

bbq grilling in the summer

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on vacation, as long as the sun’s out then it’s perfect for a BBQ. There’s so many ways you do a BBQ that you may as well have one every weekend throughout the summer, just saying! Check out this list of 100 BBQ recipes and don’t forget to brush well if you’re eating loads!

So what do you think, got any better ideas? We would love to hear them and if we get enough responses we’ll do another blog with your ideas!

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