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3 steps to record offline brushing

Young girl using bluetooth toothbrush without app

We understand that sometimes you may wish to brush without our connected App, but you would still like know how well you did the next time you login, well we have a solution for you!

With our recent releases, our interactive iOS and Android interactive Apps now allow you to record brushing even when you use your toothbrush without the App, and check up after.

With this great new feature in mind, we thought we would show you how you set up the ‘App-less’ brushing in under 30 seconds!

Step 1

Head to the App home screen after connecting your Kolibree to your device. In the top corner you will see a small icon of a toothbrush and a tick, tap here!

Interactive brushing app

Step 2

This will open the toothbrush settings menu. Now click on ‘Toothbrush / Kolibree User’.

Toothbrushing app

Step 3

Now all you have to do is select the user that wishes to use the device off-line. Please note at this moment in time this option is only available for the chosen profile only.

Interactive app for smart toothbrush

And that’s it! From now on you’ll be able to see your brushing statistics whenever you log in. As well, the brush will sync your data whenever any user connects the toothbrush to the app.

If you want to know more about the rest of the updates then check out the respective Android and iOS blogs or contact our team via


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