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2016’s best resolution: cleaner teeth for the whole year with Kolibree smart toothbrush!

We’d like to suggest a New Year’s Resolution for your whole family:
Leave bad tooth brushing and plaque in 2015 by adopting the Only Smart Sonic Electronic Toothbrush and make brushing a fun family game, two minutes at a time, twice a day!

Did you know that only 8% of Americans achieve their New Year Goals, but don’t worry, with Kolibree your family has its own secret weapon! With our interactive app you can use your family leaderboard to track everyone’s progress and watch as your kids have fun brushing and learn better technique.

new year offer on smart toothbrush

The kolibree toothbrush comes with two brush heads, a free interactive app, a wireless induction charger and a host of free new games released early in 2016. The interactive App offers games for kids, a virtual coach for adults as well as features such as the Check up, Game badges & brushing progress levels and more which makes brushing more engaging than ever!

And for one week only, we are offering you $50 off when you buy the toothbrush before January 6th. so why wait for the price to go up?  Buy it now and enjoy cleaner and better teeth for the whole family.

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